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new album: works for solo piano

Each piece portrays a different aspect of life on another planet: landscape, atmosphere, water sources, etc. Now available: CD Baby, Amazon MP3, Amazon (CD), iTunes and Google Play.

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Eric Myers | Butterfly's Beginnings image


Butterfly's Beginnings

erhu, yangqin, dizi, sheng, guzheng, percussion

The first in a series of pieces tracing the life cycle of a butterfly; at this stage the butterfly is still a larvae dreaming of the adventures it will embark upon when it matures. Melody of China performs.

Eric Myers | Meandering Streams image


Meandering Streams

erhu, yangqin, dizi, sheng, guzheng

This piece draws inspiration from the way water flows over rocks and around corners in a brook or stream, the mystery of what lies beneath the surface and the wonder of nature's unyielding process. Performed by Melody of China.

Eric Myers | Scattered Seconds image


Scattered Seconds

solo piano

An improvisation based on a simple theme which, through a gradual building of energy and intensity, is dismantled. As a result, our concept of time is broken up into fragments and scattered.

Eric Myers | Street Fantasy in E-flat image


Street Fantasy in E-flat

solo piano

A wandering through different styles: jazz, classical and other. It follows the wandering of a person through the streets of a city from noisy downtown to quiet suburbs.

Eric Myers | Smoke and Mirrors image


Smoke and Mirrors

flute, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, tuba

The piece evokes the idea of being misled or succumbing to an illusion as a result of misdirection or legerdemain. Woodwinds and brass create the "smoke" or cloudiness of illusion.

Eric Myers | Standing at the Gate image


Standing at the Gate

yangqin, erhu, guzheng, sheng, dizi, pipa, percussion

This piece portrays the waterway connecting the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay, known as the Golden Gate, in three parts: 1) the majestic Golden Gate, 2) the hustle and bustle of a thriving city and 3) a dance of various traditions coming together. Eric conducts Melody of China's premiere.